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9/20/2019 12:14 pm

International School Achievement Studies in Educational Counselling

On Thursday evening, 7th May 2009 the head of the Institute for School Development Research at the Technical University of Dortmund, prof.dr. Wilfried Bos, held a lecture on the subject “What must education counsellors know about international school achievement studies?”.

Professor Bos, who is also conductor of the IGLU study, firstly gave an overview of different international school achievement studies like TIMSS, PISA, IGLU, as well as one of the few (national) long-term studies, KESS.

On the basis of IGLU data, professor Bos showed comparative results for the reading competence of European primary pupils – a study in which German pupils scored significantly better results than the pupils of other EU countries. However, in the PISA study, which tested 15-year old secondary school pupils, Germany’s results were considerably lower than those in the primary school survey. According to this, an „error in the system“ could lie in Germany’s lower secondary level. It was also observed that school choice in Germany strongly depends on the parents’ socioeconomic status. An important role in the study achievement lies also in teacher behaviour as well as in the encouragement given to the pupils. Interesting is also that it does not depend on the quantity of school classes but on their quality.

The topic was pursued with great interest and the students discussed afterwards whether an additional testing of didactic competences of teachers and of their education should be carried out, as well as what advancement chances the pupils have in different school forms.

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