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10/21/2019 8:02 am

University of Mostar

The tradition of higher education in Mostar and Herzegovina exists from the end of the 19th century, when the first school of the university level, i.e. the Franciscan theology study was founded in 1895. In 1950 a Higher teacher-training school was founded in Mostar. After a long-year co-operation, under jurisdiction of the University of Sarajevo, Mostar became an independent university centre in 1977.

Today, over 16.000 students study at nine faculties and Academy of fine arts of the University of Mostar. Teaching is conducted by 1000 teachers and associates.

The University is a full member of the most important European and regional university associations and academic networks. Agreements on interuniversity cooperation are signed with all public Universities in the Republic of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro and with numerous Universities from the European area of higher education. The result of these agreements is cooperation in the international projects (TEMPUS, IPA, FP7), in the international networks CEEPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, etc.

University of Mostar is the only university in the Croatian language in the Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Faculty of Science and Education

Faculty of Science and Education exists since 2005/2006. Until then it was and individual department of Faculty of Education. In the same year the Bologna process was implemented at the Faculty. Faculty of Science and Education consists of 12 departments (Physics, Information Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Pedagogy, Preschool Education, Primary School Teaching, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Culture, Geography, Music) with possible 22 combinations. Education of almost all teaching staff for preschool, elementary, and secondary education, as well as pedagogues, is in the domain of the Faculty.


More than 250 teachers and research assistants cooperate in the teaching procedure. Faculty collaborates with many international institutions, Universities, especially from the Republic of Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Members of the TEMPUS IV working group:
undefinedAss. Prof. Tončo Marušić
undefinedProf. Dr. Mario Vasilj
undefinedSlavica Pavlović, M.A.
undefinedSanja Tipurić-Spužević
undefinedAnita Lukenda
undefinedIvan Dragičević