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1/29/2020 3:14 pm

About the Center

The Center for European Education offers practice- and research-oriented programmes in the fields of education policy and education reforms in Europe, the development of schools and universities, the concepts of European and intercultural education, language policy, counselling in education and quality management in education.

With its one-year postgraduate Master's Degree Programme Management and Counselling in European Education leading to a Joint Degree of the University of Zagreb and the University of Münster, the Center prepares exceptionally qualified young people for counselling and management tasks in education. For employed people involved in decision-making processes the Center develops specific programmes of continuing professional development and further education. It also informs the interested public on actual issues concerning European education in the form of lectures, symposiums and other activities.  

The work of the Center for European Education is internationally-, interdisciplinary- and practice-oriented. It relies in this respect on a wide network of partner universities from ten European countries and on cooperation with leading educational institutions.

The Center for European Education is a joint institution of the University of Zagreb and the University of Münster and an integral part of the TEMPUS project „Learning for Europe“.