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11/18/2019 6:27 am

University of Münster

With 40.000 students (Winter Semester 2006/07) the University of Münster is one of the three biggest universities in Germany. Founded in 1780, the university had a changeful history, temporarily losing the university status and regaining full university rights in 1902. Today the university offers 130 courses of study in 7 faculties, comprising 15 departments. Apart from traditional big courses of study such as medicine or law the university offers a number of small study courses such as Islamic Studies or Egyptology. The university has developed a wide net of international and interdisciplinary cooperations with about 400 official partners and cooperation contracts including bi-national and international study courses and research cooperations. A university-owned “Career Service” assists students in their career orientation from the beginning of their studies.

Institute for Educational Sciences

The Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft (IfE)/Institute for Educational Sciences belongs to the Faculty of Humanities and forms one of the 15 Departments of the WWU Münster, together with Sociology, Political Science, and Communication Studies. The present scope and structure of the Institute results mainly from a unification of the university based Institute of Education and the educational science unit of the Pedagogical University Westphalia-Lippe at the beginning of the 1980s. With 1.300 main and minor subject students the Institute is one of the biggest educational science institutes in Germany. The internal structure of the IfE is characterised by three units: I. School pedagogy/school and classroom research; II. Social pedagogy and adult education; III. Theory of education and educational research. In the field of teaching the Institute is responsible for the educational science elements in all master courses in teacher training at the WWU Münster and for its educational science study courses “Social pedagogy”, “Adult education”, and “School research/school development”. The IfE offers two additional study courses, “German as second language/Intercultural Pedagogy” and “Media and information technology in education” (MIEBU). For its students the IfE offers the opportunity to participate in international exchange programmes with 21 Erasmus partner universities. An international study course „Master Européen de Recherche au Sciences de l’Education“, carried out by 7 partner countries, started in 2000.

Members of the TEMPUS IV working group (project timeframe 2010-2013):

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Helmchen – Grantholder 
Prof. Dr. Marianne Krüger-Potratz
Nadine Bresch, M.A. – Office Münster
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böttcher
Prof. Dr. Sara Fürstenau
Alf Hammelrath
Jan Mühlhausen, M.A.
Frank Ragutt, M.A.
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schönweiss