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11/21/2019 1:02 am

Ankara University

Ankara University is a comprehensive public university located in the capital of the nation. It was established officially in 1946 as the first higher education institute of the Republic. At present the University offers top quality education and training in nearly 40 vocational, 114 undergraduate and 110 graduate programs, including basic and applied sciences such as; Agriculture, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Veterinary Medicine and Social Sciences including Communications, Divinity, Education, Law, Letters and Political Science. There is currently 3720 highly qualified academic staff working at Ankara University. Of this figure 978 are professors, 325 are associate professors and 393 are assistant professors. There are 4603 vocational, 33516 undergraduate and 6707 graduate students receiving education at the University with a total number enrolled, 44906. Ankara University has been the parent University for Several Universities which reached top quality education today. There are more than 2800 graduates of Ankara University, who work as academic staff at different universities all over Turkey.

European Union Research Center

European Union Research Center (ATAUM) of Ankara University was established in 1987 as the first educational institution (research center) with the intention of enhancing and developing sustainable relations between Turkey and the European Union. With this aim, ATAUM, organizes certificate programs on fundamentals of EU and on special issues of EU such as EU Social Policies, EU Common Agricultural Policies, EU Law and so on.

ATAUM also organizes panels, meetings and other activities to create awareness on the recent developments in the EU as well as on the relations between Turkey and the EU; carries out researches and projects on its own capacity or in cooperation with the other universities or institutions and publishes research books and  periodicals on the EU. ATAUM also works in cooperation with different faculties at Ankara University in its several research and training activities. The TEMPUS project is conducted with the support of the members of Faculty of Educational Sciences of Ankara University (


Doc. Dr. Çağri Erhan