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Academic Year

The one-year international Master's Study Management and Counselling in European Education is divided in three study parts. The first two study periods consist of modules and respective one-month full-time attendance periods each. The timeframe of these study periods is the academic year 2012/2013. The third part of study ends in the first half of the academic year 2013/14.

The M.A. Study is valued with 60 Credit Points. As a combination of three study periods and pauses in between, the Study stretches over a timeframe of 18 months.

The first part of study begins in October 2012 with a one-month attendance period at the University of Zagreb/Croatia and continues with a supervised eLearning self-study period. The study period ends on February 28th. In this timeframe Modules 1, 2 and the first Unit of Module 3 are taught. The second part of study begins and ends with eLearning periods, with  a one-month attendance period at the University of Münster in May 2013 between the eLearning sections. Modules 4, 5 and the second Unit of Module 3 are taught in this phase, which ends September 30th 2013. All exams including internships must be completed until the end of this study part.

The third part of study begins October 1st 2013 and is intended for completion and submission of the Master's Thesis. For the elaboration of the M.A. thesis a timeframe of 11 weeks is foreseen. Regarding the form of study, submission deadline is determined flexibely. However, the assessment of the M.A. thesis must be included in the total timeframe of 18 months, which cannot be exceeded.

Modules and Units

The Course consists of six modules in total, including the examination module. Modules are divided into Units.

Module 1

Quality Management and Counselling in Education

Attendance period October 2012 with eLearning

Module 2

School in a Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Europe

Attendance period October 2012 with eLearning

Module 3

New Media

Attendance periods October 2012 and May 2013 with eLearning

Module 4

Education Policies and Counselling 

Attendance period May 2013 with eLearning

Module 5

Diversity Management and Counselling Concepts

Attendance period May 2013 with eLearning

Module 6

Examination Module and Internship

Workshops on practical problems and case studies in various professional fields and reform areas are integrated into Modules/Units.

Additional lectures with a “Europe in Change” slogan will be held during the two attendance periods. Education policy makers, education professionals and decision makers in economy will be invited to discuss with students the issues of European integration processes and their repercussions on the European education area.


A three week internship at a Europe-oriented or an international educational or cultural institution, or a company with an international profile must be completed during the first eLearning period. The internship must be completed with an approved internship report before begin of the M.A.thesis elaboration. Place of internship is suggested by individual students; criteria and rules to be fulfilled by the institution offering internship are listed in Internship rules.

Interships in the academic year 2010/2011

Optional Language Courses

During the attendance period in Zagreb, an introductory course in Croatian is offered to interested students for easier orientation in the city. 

According to possibilities, a language and scientific writing course in German will be offered.

Teaching Staff

Teaching staff is appointed from various European universities, especially those cooperating in the network of the Center for European Education.