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12/6/2019 12:48 am

International Master's Course "Management and Counselling in European Education“ 2012/2013

We appreciate your interest and are happy to offer you the first overview of the contents and organisation of the international M.A. Study  "Management and Counselling in European Education" at the Center for European Education of the Universities of Zagreb and Münster.

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We look forward to receiving your application!

Board of the Center for European Education
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Gehrmann
Prof. Dr. Marianne Krüger-Potratz

Why an International Master's Course for Reform Processes in the European Educational System?
In view of globalisation and European integration processes, educational systems in Europe are experiencing a profound change affecting schools and universities as well as public and private further education and professional development institutions. This process crosses national boundaries and requires transnational solutions as well as respective knowledge and competences enabling the organisation of the structural and content-related changes. The aim of the Master's Course “Management and Counselling in European Education” is to prepare the students in this respect.

In view of this goal, the students

  • receive comprehensive insight in the theories and practice fields of educational policies and reforms in European countries as well as the issues of  educational system management;
  • earn skills enabling them to initiate Europe-oriented reforms in national education systems and to develop criteria for Europe-oriented reforms and the quality of their implementation in national education policies;
  • are taught the skills of applying the counselling, management, teaching and project activities on site and under the consideration of Europe-wide developments
  • are enabled to counsel education (schools, universities and higher education institutions) as well as further education institutions regarding content and structure issues.

The Study is aimed at university graduates as well as persons already employed in respective fields who wish to educate themselves further in the field of international education administration and education reform counselling. The needs of both interest groups are considered by the Study, which is organised in the form of alternating location-bound attendance periods and location-free eLearning periods. This also enables the participation of employed students, provided they can attend both one-month full-time study periods in the academic year 2012/13.

The course is conducted in two languages, German and English. Hence, good working knowledge of both languages is a necessary prerequisite.

Specific features of the Study Course are:

  • It is announced internationally and aimed at international audience. The Course is internationally accredited for a Joint Degree of the Universities of Zagreb and Münster as an international Master's Study qualifying for PhD Study.
  • The Course combines scientific education at a high international level with acquirement of practical problem solving skills (see Module Catalogue).
  • Teaching, integrated workshops and required internship in an internationally oriented organisation or a respective business company are oriented toward gaining a European view of national, regional and local reform plans in education.
  • The Study is based on the cooperation of universities, business companies and education policy makers in the network of the Center for European Education. The teaching staff is appointed from various European universities.
  • The Study is divided in three parts in the total duration of 12 months, stretched over a period of 18 months. Each of the first two study parts contains a one-month full-study attendance period at one of the two localities of the Center for European Education: the University of Zagreb/Faculty of Teacher Education (Croatia) in October 2012 and the University of Münster (Germany) in May 2013; classes and study between the attendance periods in the form of eLearning periods are location-free. The third part of the Study is also location-free; it is intended for exam study and the preparation of the M.A. thesis.
  • During both one-month attendance periods additional guest lectures and panel discussions with professionals from economics, policy and educational administration will give the students deeper insights into their multifaceted future work environment.
  • There is a possibility of separate study of Modules 1, 2, 4 and 5. Students interested in this form of study are awarded a Certificate upon completion. Attendance is obligatory in this case as well: October 2012 for Modules 1 and 2; May 2013 for Modules 4 and 5. The number of participants in this study form is limited and separate application is required.
  • Internship must be completed in a separate timeframe outside the attendance periods. Practice is possible in Europe-oriented or international education and/or cultural institutions as well as internationally profiled companies.